Credit: Google

Credit: Google

It’s nothing new when people find that their calling changes from time to time, and that means that they have to move on after staying in one place for too long.  Executive Udi Manber has decided to leave Google after nine years.  He has decided to join the National Institutes of Health.  For those who don’t know Udi Manber, he was VP of Engineering at YouTube.  He had previously been in charge of search products at Google.

Manber has had quite the career behind him.  He was a professor at the Universtiy of Arizona in the 90’s.  Afterwards, he was chief scientist at Yahoo.  He even implemented Captchas at Yahoo.  After leaving Yahoo, he became part of Amazon as an algorithms VP, and then worked his way up to CEO at Amazon’s search unit A9.

Once leaving Amazon, he went over to Google as a VP of engineering, taking on a key role with Google’s search products and user experience.  Then, late last year, Manber moved to over to YouTube and took part in the leadership there.

Here’s what Manber had to say about his departure from Google in the Wall Street Journal:

“I had a wonderful nine years at Google and YouTube, but I could not resist the amazing opportunities at NIH . . . Improving access to medical knowledge can have a big impact. I hope to help.”

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