Got SEO Basics? 5 Tips To Boost Your Organic CTR

Ctr With the inception of digital marketing these days, there are so many ways we can get our brands out there and into the minds of potential customers.  Even though it can be nice, and even fun to be able to experiment with some of these channels, there are some basic things that you should put most of the important focus on first before dealing with anything else.

An example, according to , is your organic CTR.  By simply doing a little tweak to the page title can increase the amount of consumers to your page by quite a bit.  In Andrew’s article that can be found on Search Engine Land, he tells us that our organic CT can be affected by a number of different things.

By checking out Andrew’s article, you’ll discover five factors in your control that you can take advantage of to boost organic CTR. Search Engine Land: Got SEO Basics? 5 Tips To Boost Your Organic CTR