The top ten TrueView for Action ads in 2018 has been released by YouTube.  Topping this list is Grammarly’s “Enhance Your Writing” 60-second spot.  The focus on the year-end ad leaderboard was on the direct-response ad format, a shift from YouTube’s normal annual list ranking the top trending video ads overall.

The focus for YouTube on its TrueView for Action ad format is a nod to its focus on attracting more performance advertisers.  TrueView for Actions ads launched in March of 2018, featuring a customized call to action that appears below on mobile, or next to the video player while an ad plays on desktop.  The ads can even be coupled with custom intent audiences to reach people based on their recent search history.

Grammarly, an online grammar tool, ranked number one on YouTube’s first-annual list of top TrueView for Action ad based on an algorithm that factored total reach, clicks, and engagements.  Their “Enhance Your Writing” ad included a persistent “Download for Free” call to action built into the video ad that points to the “Get Grammarly” call to action overlay.  The overlay links to the Grammarly homepage, which lets users download the software.

Included in the top ten list are Wix and Netflix.

This list shows major brands and niche brands alike are using the new TrueView for Action ad format.

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