RandThere are misconceptions with many things in life.  This is defiantly the case with content marketing.  What is this misconception, this myth, that I am speaking of?  It’s the myth that just because you create good content, that somebody is going to see the light after consuming your content and go on to make a conversion based on your content.

If you came to a website you’ve never heard of, would you buy a product or service you’ve never heard of, based simply off the concept of the content they presented on their site?  Probably not.

What is the truth behind the myth?  It’s not that people will never convert on your site based on the content you present to them, it’s the fact that it takes a while for them to warm up to you and your site.  You have to present good content on a regular basis, over and over and over before people begin to believe in what you’re selling.

This is the case in this episode of Moz’s Whiteboard Friday, presented by .  Rand talks to us about being cautious about being a little too optimistic, and shows us how things will usually end up happening.


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