A Guide To Google’s Algorithm

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Google-algorithm-changesWe as humans tend to want to oversimplify things.  It’s the way we work.  When we think of Google, we think of the Penguin, Hummingbird and Panda updates as three “simple updates.”  Well, in technicality, they’re really not all that simple.

In some conversations that Dr. Peter J. Meyers with some folks on Twitter, including a conversation about the nature of Google’s Hummingbird update, it got him thinking.  How much do we oversimplify what “the algorithm” really is?

Dr. Peter then got his creative juices flowing and thought about creating a post.  He thought about writing a post in pictures that helped illustrate to others the journey from the most basic conception of Google’s algorithm to something that reflects the major concepts that Google has built itself on.

To check out Dr Peter’s full guide to Google’s algorithm, you can follow the bottom link below:

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