Google Doodle Halloween 2It looks like Google is early in presenting us with their Halloween Doodle this year.  The search company has posted their Doodle a whole day early, giving Google users something fun to do at the end of the week.

The Doodle is more than what it appears, as it not only gives us your typical Google Doodle logo, but a game as well!  This game is called the “Global Candy Cup,” and players get to select one out of four witches that they would like to be, and then maneuver through the night sky on their broom.  During their night flight, players will collect as much candy as possible while avoiding bats and floating ghosts.

In order to play, just select one of the four colored witches, blue, red, yellow or green.  For an extra bit of fun, you can also visit the Google Doodle Blog and check out each of the four witch’s personal profiles.

Google Doodle Halloween 3

Once you’ve started the game, you can use the space bar to move your witch up and down, collecting candy as you evade the bats and ghosts that block your way.

The points that you obtained through play are tallied in the “Global Candy Cup” at the end of the game for the witch you’ve selected.  The final screen gives you the opportunity to share the game on your social networks, search for “Halloween” or even recruit others to be  specific witch, helping grow her total global points.

Google Doodle Halloween 1

The Google Doodler team asks, “Only one team will go home with the Cup – will it be yours?”  Could this mean that there will be a follow-up Doodle featuring the winning witch?


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