Handling User-Generated & Manufacturer-Required Duplicate Content Across Large Numbers of URLs

Rand whiteboard friday So, you own a site that sells hundreds, if not thousands of products online.  That is great, as I’m sure that you’re getting a nice amount of sales from all that merchandise.  But there’s a problem.  Google is penalizing you for having duplicate content on your site since there is at least one or more manufacturer telling you exactly what sort of content you can put up on your site, such as item descriptions, reviews, etc.  That same manufacturer is telling other sites who sells that same product to put up the exact same content.  That means that hundreds of sites have the same exact content as your site.

Then what will you do to fix this situation?  Rand takes that idea in mind and offers three different ways for marketers to include that duplicate content on your site without risking Google penalizing you.