Moz-logoSome of you may have either read about or realized for yourselves that over the last couple months, things have been changing in the search results as far as Google is concerned.  It was even talked about  recently in a post where he wrote about how Google’s been shaking it up in the SERPs.

In these last two months, we’ve seen several things either change or completely go away.  Google authorship photos have been pulled, video snippets have been reduced, and changes to local packs and in-depth articles have changed as well.  There are other things that have changed, but mentioning them all isn’t the point of this post.

At Moz,  has posted an article that talks about how the people at Moz has monitored their own URLs and checked to see if there were any changes on their traffic.  The results, as Cyrus says, surprised them, and he even did a write up about it.  To read up on Cyrus’ case study, you can follow the link below to the Moz Blog and get all the details!

Moz Blog: What Happened after Google Pulled Author and Video Snippets: A Moz Case Study