What Happens After The Conversion

Website conversion target market bullseye We all know the feeling you get when you’re running a site, and you realize that you’ve just gotten somebody to not only visit it, but that person actually made a conversion.  It’s quite exciting.  But, this does that make them a customer?  Not necessarily.  A single conversion doesn’t always make the customer.  What is it that you know about this person?  Are they the type of person you can call a customer?  Would you spend time and effort trying to bring them back and converting them to a customer?

In an article written for Marketing Land,  knows that there is more to creating a better conversion experience with your audience.  There is more work to be had if you want to get your sales performance to reach even greater heights.  John discusses things that you should do after making a successful conversion.  Why stop at the conversion?

Read about what can be done after the conversion in John’s article on Marketing Land.