Linksgiving-300x354We have quite a lot to be thankful for all year round, but with Thanksgiving almost upon us, the idea of being thankful really begins to come to a head.  But, is there anything to be thankful for when it comes to….link building?  It seems that there is plenty things to be thankful for!

As  said in her Search Engine Land article, Linksgiving: 10 Things To Be Thankful For This Year, It can be pretty easy to get mad at Google since it seems that they are almost stopping at nothing to make our jobs harder by rolling out updates that will constantly change things and make us work harder.  But maybe Google is doing this because they have us in their best interest as web searchers?

It is true that these updates are making it tougher for SEOs to do their thing, as the updates are always mixing up the water with their changes, but because of Google, search is evolving…and getting better.  It’s more about content, and not about simple keywords anymore.  On that same token, doesn’t that mean we should change with the times as well?

In her article, Casie lists ten things that we should be thankful for in Linkbuilding: