Health Care MarketingIt’s pretty evident that surveys can bring in a lot of useful data to the table.  For the folks over at Search Engine Land, they conducted an online survey of over 650 US small and medium-sized businesses back in October of 2013.

The a post on the subject was than posted on the Search Engine Land website by , which can be found here.

Just over 20% of those that responded, which is certainly a good number of respondents, classified themselves as belonging to the Health and Medical Industry.  If you’re interested in a break down of these SMBs, the group consisted of many types of specialists.  These specialists included chiropractors, dentists, mental health practices, medical family practices, pharmacies, psychologists and general physicians.

During the survey, questions were asked of each SMB respondent, all of which were related to their attitudes and use of internet and mobile marketing, as well as their engagement with search agencies.  Apparently, unlike larger businesses, SMBs spend more time on marketing.

If you want to check out the results from the survey, as well as Myle’s article on the subject, follow the link below.

Article: Health And Medical SMBs Spend More On Marketing Than Other Industries.