not-provided-keyword-dataIt’s old news by now.  We’ve all heard it.  (Not provided) can be a bit….suck-ish.  Since (not provided) entered the scene, it has shaken things up in the SEO and Analytics world.  Because of (not provided), our entire work process has been forced to change.  A number of things have become harder to do, including basic rank tracking, keyword gap analysis and SEM planning.  But what can we do about it now?

We can’t force Google to go to a time before (not provided).  I’m sure it would be great if we could, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.  All we can do is put our big boy/big girl pants on and soldier on.

Even with the fact that (not provided) is here to stay, all is not lost.  We’ve been able to find ways of working around such an issue.  We’ve all read the blog posts, the articles and the reports about how you can get around, even with (not provided) being a big eyesore.

 is one of those people who have written about (not provided) and help, all in one blog post.  In his post on, Jay has written about a new report in Moz Analytics that will help answer some of those (not provided) questions.

On that not, you can visit or Jay’s post on (not provided) by following the link below.

Moz Blog: Help with (Not Provided): New Landing Pages Report in Moz Analytics