google-adwords-gradient1-1920For anybody who uses shared campaign negative lists, you know that they can be quite useful for making sure that all of your campaigns are excluding the same terms.  Constantly mining search query reports means you’ll constantly be finding new negatives, after all.

You’ll find that there are shared lists for campaign placement exclusions as well, which will help you make sure things like and random YouTube videos are excluded from all Display campaigns.

But how do you know if a campaign is missing a shared list?

Once you’ve created a batch of new campaigns, it can be quite a hassle to apply shared lists to all of them, and sometimes, you might even leave one off by accident.  It can be hard to check if you did it right.

At Brainlabs, there’s an AdWords script that was created that can be used to avoid wasting time setting up the same things everywhere.  With this script (which can be found further down), it’s easy to add all the necessary negatives when a new campaign gets added a few months down the line.  There’s even an API version that works with Bing Ads and can work across many different accounts.

As I just stated, you can find the script below.  If you want the script in your around, just copy and past the code into a new AdWords Script, and change a few of the options.  If you want more details on what to change, I highly recommend you go here,  But without further adieu, here’s the script!

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