HERE’s Owner Wants To Compete Aggressively With Google Maps By Seeking Investment From Microsoft & Amazon

HERE MapsThe Wall Street Journal reported that Microsoft and Amazon are in talks to possibly take a minority stake in HERE Maps, who is owned by Audi, BMW and Daimler, earlier this week.  There was a question of how aggressively HERE would be competing in the market ever since it was sold to the German consortium for just less than $3 billion.

For those who don’t know, HERE is a either mapping platform or a major data provider to Facebook, Yahoo and Bing.

There have been a number of recent indications that HERE has intended to remain a full-blown mapping platform.  HERE will continue to compete directly with Google and Apple in the market.  The automakers, reportedly started seeking strategic investors to continue HERE’s quest shortly after their acquisition.

It would make since that both Microsoft and Amazon would be aligned with HERE, as they are Google’s rivals.  Some of the critical aspects of the mobile user experience includes POI/location data, mapping and navigation, which extends beyond smartphones and traditional digital maps now.

A broader consortium of investors would give HERE the ability to continue accelerating their development of the product and make relevant acquisitions.  According to the WSJ, Microsoft and Amazon, if they invest in HERE, could bring huge cloud computing power to the table, which would enhance HERE’s current and further data processing needs.

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