There are times when you’re creating ads in AdWrods Editor, you realize you made a bit of a mistake by creating a new ad, rather than changing the existing ad.  Or, as you’re trying to convert your old standard ads and end up making two expanded text ads, rather than just one.

In the end, you end up having multiple ads that are exactly the same.  Because of this, your ad testing has stopped working right, since your traffic is being served evenly between the different ad variants.  It has become A/A/B testing, rather than A/B testing.  Even if the testing still worked, the data would be split between all the duplicate ads.

It also ads needless complication to managing your account.  If you try pausing ads and replacing them with sales or seasonal messaging, you need to be sure you pause all the clones as well.

But luckily, there is a way to help fix this!  The people over at Brainlabs wrote a script that’s meant to solve this problem.  It goes through each ad group and finds ads that are the same – either identical down to the landing page, or just with the same messaging.

It will also look at the performance of the ad over the lasts 30 days, and based on your choice of metric, the best performing ad is given a “keep” label, while the duplicate gets a label that tells you to pause it.  You’ll be able to review the script’s work and comfortably clear your account of copied clutter.

You’ll find the script below.  To use it, just opy the code into a new AdWords scrip into your account.  Go here to find out how to adjust the options at the top.

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