I’m sure by now, you’ve been hearing about the news surrounding advertisers pulling their ads from YouTube due to being displayed next what they considered offensive content.  If you’re an advertiser, you could just simply pull ads from YouTube’s ad network, but there’s another option now available!  There’s a script to help you!

A few weeks ago,  attended SMX West a few weeks ago as a panelist, and found one of the scripts that was presented by a co-panelist that really caught his eye.

The script was built to identify low-quality videos on YouTube that are monetized using your video ads.  More specifically, it finds videos that have a high ratio of dislikes to likes, indicting it could be content that advertisers may not want to associate with your brand.

The script uses one of the newest additions to AdWords Scripts – support for video campaigns – along with one of the advanced APIs for pulling YouTube stats to solve the problem.

In Frederick’s Search Engine Land post that originally shows off the script, he describes how to work with video campaigns in scripts, how to use the script through spreadsheets, and how to run the script in general  We will include how to use the script here for you all.

First, you need a copy of the report showing on which YouTube videos your video ads ran.

  1. Get this from your video campaign’s “Video Targeting” tab.
  2. Go to the “Placements” sub-tab.
  3. Select “Where ads were shown” and “YouTube” to see all automatic placements.
  4. Download this as a CSV and then open it using Google Sheets (be sure to convert it so it becomes a Google Sheet rather than a CSV).

You need to make sure you authorize the advanced API for YouTube in order to run this script.

You can check out the post here for all of the details.