There have been scripts that have been shared that helps check for basic mistakes in AdWords and empty ad groups, buy there are still a number of mistakes that can slip through.  No matter how great your account is, the world of search is very unpredictable and perilous.

You basically have to be vigilant, as well as use a little automation.

The folks over at Brainlabs has a script that emails you ever hour with the current cost of your account, which will be displayed in the post further down.

If there suddently a surge is spend or slump in searches, you’ll know about it, and  you’ll be able to react in a more timely manor.  The script even gives impressions and clicks, as well as conversion data (assuming you don’t have any lags for them).

In order to set up the script in the AdWords account, choose Bulk Operations and go into Scripts.  After that, click the red “+SCRIPT” button and past the code below.

There will be some settings you’ll need to change, which you can find here.

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