If your PPC account and the advertiser’s business model are working fairly well, that usually means that a business owner becomes heavily dependent on the PPC channel.

Typical remits from clients and bosses in the thrall of this perennial growth-riving channel includes such things as maxing the “max the volume” and “we’re down from last year, I’m worried.”

If you are coming into the PPC a little late, you may not know that the previous account managers assumed that the channel was “bad” and that PPC needed to be reined in.  Naturally, there are some sources of cash bleeding in PPC accounts,  but if you’re overly defensive about not using PPC, that could be a problem too.

There could be a high cost in pursuing volume in the context of an “over-tightened” account in the form of high bids, excess use of remarketing and overzealous attempts to find new inventory in other channels that can be enabled via PPC platforms.

Even if you’re really good at PPC, there might be times when you overlook some of the excess tightening that has crept into an account.  There are those that are obvious, and others that are impossible to dig up.

There are five ways your PPC account could be blocking out perfectly acceptable traffic.

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