tena_men_gravitasYou’ve got to love good humor in advertising.  It’s entertaining to watch, and defiantly increases brand awareness.

Everybody things it’s awkward when talking about some types of bodily function in advertising.  This is why when we see commercials on TV about something like incontinence, humor is usually the way to go.  This is what AMV BBDO did for TENA Men, who is a maker of products that is designed to deal with this particular problem.

The agency created a character called Stirling Gravitas, and his story is an interesting one.  Everything is under control for Stirling, and all is good.  Except for one little issue.  He suffers from urine leakage.

The character was first introduced to the world in a video on YouTube, where he lets everybody know that his life is in total control.  He could give the Dos Equis man a run for his money.


In several videos that features Gravitas, He will show you just how in control he is of his life, but will offer lifestyle tips, hints and exercises that will help control urine leakage.

 The campaign also includes a Twitter account where Gravitas will offer “exclusive insight into his well-maintained life and provide musings, advice and worldly observations from a man of a certain age” using the hashtag #KeepControl.





Hilarious Stirling Gravitas Character Is In Control Of Everything… Except His Urine Leakage