email-cartThe holidays are a great time for businesses to make money.  As an example, last year on Cyber Monday, $2.29 billion was made, according to Adobe.  That’s quite a bit of cash flow if you ask me.  This just proves that the holidays are a wonderful opportunity for email marketers to get their grove on with customers and potential customer.  But guess what, there’s a trick.  You’ve got to start prepping for this stuff, and I mean right now.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the two biggest shopping days of the year, are almost upon us, and it isn’t a good idea to procrastinate much longer.

So how should you be prepping for your email barrage of marketing?  Steve Dille has some answers for you!  Steve has written up a post for Marketing Land that tells us how we can prep for this big time of the year in marketing.  Just follow the link below and see what Steve has to say .

Marketing Land: The Holiday Prep That Email Marketers Should Be Doing Now