Hootsuite’s Social Media Image Size Guide for 2022 (Infographic)

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, among others, are constantly updating their image formatting and layout options, and if you’re not paying attention to these updates, then you might be giving users a poor representation of your brand, all because of how your images are appearing. It makes it look poor and unkempt, despite how much good content is being posted on that platform.

This is why you should always be reviewing the visuals on your social media profiles.

If you’re not interested in displaying blocky, pixilated images for your profile logos that don’t fit the frame anymore, then you’ll want to check out the infographic from Hootsuite. Hootsuite has a regularly updated guide that shows the key image dimension data for every major social platform.

Hootsuite's 2022 social media visuals guide

Source – Social Media Today