Agile MarketingHow can your link building process be changed by applying agile marketing?  Well first let’s take a quick look at what it is  According to Scott Brinker, “Agile marketing applies to more than conversion optimization, of course. The value of speed and flexibility is manifest for nearly all forms of digital marketing.”  Basically, agile marketing is a marketing management approach that adapts agile software development methodologies to the planning and execution of marketing programs.

But how can agile marketing change the way you do link building?  Will it make getting links easier?  Not necessarily.  You still have to work hard to get those links coming in.  But, the process of getting those links when you utilize agile marketing will make the process less overwhelming.

 has taken the time to write up seven principles of agile marketing that will help you take on link building in a whole new way.  Her post can be found on Search Engine Land, and you can find it easily by following the link below.

Search Engine Land: How Agile Marketing Changes Your Link Building Process Forever