5-top-SEO-mythsDuring the SMX Advanced show, there was a session called Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors, and during this session, a discussion took place between Cyrus SHepard, Marcus Tober and  that focused on how much the search landscape has been changing over the years.  As they spoke, Eric noticed that there were certain themes that made their presence known.  These themes were this:

  1. No longer are keywords the center of on-page SEO.
  2. Content quality is important, as well as e-commerce pages as it is for long-form blog pages.
  3. User experience is important, and engagement with a page is much broader than just the words on that page.

As mentioned in the three point list, user experience has become even more important as a ranking factor in search over the years. But even though overall user experience has become something more websites are trying to take advantage of, how can we measure something that seems almost…intangible?

Although Google won’t let us know exactly how they are measuring user experience, Eric offers up his method to measuring the user experience in his post, which can be found on Search Engine Land, as well as the link I’ve provided below.

Search Engine Land: How The 100 User Model Can Change Your Approach To On-Page SEO