How Competitive Analysis Leads To A Better B2B SEO Program

1774 When you’re working in SEO, one of the important factors you’ve got to take into consideration is the competition.  If you aren’t monitoring them online, you’re missing out on some great opportunities as well as overlooking problems in your own SEO program.

So what should be the first thing you do when starting a new program?  You need to get a list of key competitors.  This way, you can better understand the market, as well as uncover various competitor tactics.  By checking out the competitors early, you can discover their strengths and weaknesses in several areas, such as keyword strategy, site architecture, content marketing, link building and social media.

It is important to collect this information, not only because it can help you build out a successful SEO strategy, but it will be there when you need to present your findings to your boss, or some level of upper management.   will give us an example of a recent competitive analysis that was created in a post he wrote for Search Engine Land.  In the same piece, he will also show how he uncovered opportunities that can allow us to better aid your client’s SEO program.

Search Engine Land: How Competitive Analysis Leads To A Better B2B SEO Program