google-adwords-redwhite-1920All of us are capable of it, and it sucks when we finally find out that we’ve done it.  In our haste to get all of our PPC stuff set up, we either didn’t check our own work, or we forgot to update things we thought we do a year later.

Everybody’s done it.  You can admit it, it’s ok, as they can’t judge you.

There has got to be something that can help catch some of the mistakes we’re more than likely going to miss over the course of time.  Luckily, I think there’s a solution.  , a former Googler, and a member of Brainlabs, has been kind enough to share an AdWords script that was built by BrainLabs to check for some of the common AdWords mistakes out there.  The script could possible save some the frustration, irritation and embarrassment when your client or boss decides to rummage around in your AdWords account.

According to Daniel, the scrip automatically checks for a number of errors, such as exact match keywords with a plus sign or broad match keywords missing plus signs.  You can use the script below, as well as find it on Daniel’s post entitled ‘How to check if you’ve screwed up your AdWords account,’ as well as how to use the script.