How Do You Create Content Pillars? (Infographic)

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Are you considering updating your SEO strategy? If so, a useful tool to consider is content pillars, which can help your Google search ranking by providing comprehensive information on essential topics and components. But what exactly are content pillars?

According to SEMrush, a content pillar page is “a comprehensive, authoritative exploration of a topic or theme where a reader can get everything they need in one place. It can be dissected into multiple cluster pages and repurposed into smaller content pieces.”

Basically, you can think of a content pillar as a foundation of your content where cluster pages interlink. With a content pillar and this cluster hub, they will form a cohesive and comprehensive coverage of a particular topic. They enable a website or blog to provide readers with a comprehensive and informative resource on a particular subject.

With a content pillar, you’ll be able to create a slew of ideas for cluster pages that dives deep into more specific types of the pillar’s main topic. Think of these pages as more defined and specific, allowing it to provide information that complements the main theme of the pillar.

An overview of the content pillar approach have been compiled into the following infographic, created by  Giraffe Social Media, which will serve as a helpful guide when you’re seeking to incorporate content pillars into their content creation strategy.