Google_Logo_Color_WideMy, how the internet and internet search have changed.  Do you remember when all we had was desktop computers to do all of our internet browsing?  Eventually, our browsing habits changed from doing our internet search from simple desktop to using other devices to stay connected.  It seems that after enough people got on board with using things like tablets and eventually smartphones, search began to change with it.  After all, it was only natural.  With the introduction of smartphones, we were able to check things out in a way we never could on the desktop.  We could find out information, reviews, locations and all of that with out smartphones, all in real time, and it was awesome.

With mobile technology being as common as it is these days, it’s a good idea to make sure that your mobile content is accessible to as many users as possible, regardless of if it’s on a mobile website, or in a mobile app.  Previously though, this content was always separated from the main desktop site, and mobile apps were their own thing.  But now, website, mobile web and mobile app content are all coming together, and the lines that separated them are now beginning to blur.

The way people are accessing this content are also beginning to converge, and this means something very important.  As a webmaster, you’ve got to manage a way to keep all of these different content locations linked up, so that they can act as one.

It seems pretty common place to make sure your website, desktop or mobile, ranks as well on Google as possible.  Anybody who knows anything about SEO and marketing knows this.  But something that we tend to not always think about is the mobile app getting ranked in search engines.  But if you’re going to try making sure all of your content platforms are linked together, your mobile app is just as important as your desktop and mobile sites.

So how do we make sure your mobile app is getting ranked on Google?  Bridget Randolph has the answer for us!  On, there is a post written by Bridget that gives us all the information we need to implement our app and get it ranked within Google’s search engine.  Her post even covers how to get both your Android and iOS apps indexed in Google.

If you’re trying to get indexed in Google for your app, check out Bridget’s post on the Moz Blog!

Moz Blog: How to Get Your App Content Indexed by Google