How Do You Persuade Clients to Follow SEO Guidelines?

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Regardless of if you work for an SEO agency or with the in-house SEO team, you have to be able to persuade your clients that SEO is really important for their website if they want it to rank as highly as possible.

But what is the best way that we can persuade clients to follow SEO guidelines?

I’m sure that many SEO professionals have had to deal with a variety of clients that just don’t want to cooperate with your SEO efforts. It gets tiring after a while when the advice you give are repeatedly ignored, and then when their site doesn’t do as well as they hoped, they come to you and ask why nothing is happening.

Even with the best strategies, SEO success won’t happen if your clients won’t do anything with them.

In order to give them the sales pitch your clients need to get the job done, we will need some help from CEO of WrightIMC, Tony Wright. He wrote an article on Search Engine Journal where he gives us advice about getting your client to not ignore you and your SEO help.

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