How Do You Use Google Sheets For Web Scraping And Campaign Building?

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At some point in our SEO/marketing career, you’ve probably been in a situation where you have to extract data from a particular website or websites so you can collect the data you need for ad creation, content and landing page creation, among other things.

In these situations, you want a clean, simple way to import that data, and this is where Excel spreadsheets or Google Sheets come in. With Google Sheets, you can edit, organize, and analyze all types of information. It can actually be regarded as a basic web scraper where you can use a specials formula to extract data from a webpage, import the data directly to google sheets.

Of course, doing scraping can be a tedious task if you’re doing everything manually, item by item, line by line. By doing it this way, you have a higher chance of making mistakes. On top of that, you’d have to spend even more time reviewing the ENTIRE thing and that can be a waste of valuable business time.

But, there might be a better way! Check out Search Engine Journals post where they talk about a fully automated, error-free, way to scrape data using Google Sheets to help simplify your campaign building.

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