How Do You Use Google Sheets For Web Scraping And Campaign Building?

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After being in the business of SEO for a while, it’s pretty easy to say you’ve probably had to extract data from a site for one reason or another.

It would be great if we had all the info we needed for content, landing pages, and all the other things we need for our websites, but unfortunately, that would happen in a perfect world. It would be great if all the stuff we needed could be put into a spreadsheet we could easily access and utilize, but this is the real world.

Not everybody has a web scraping tool that puts everything they need into these spreadsheets, meaning they have to go through the manual task of copy and pasting information one by one into the spreadsheet. That could take forever, and nobody wants that.

But is there a better way to create these spreadsheets than manually?

Andrea Atzori has a column on Search Engine Journal that shows us how to easily use Google Sheets for web and data scraping, improving execution times, and even reducing mistakes!

Read More Here on SEJ!

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