ecommerce1Content is where it’s at.  This is the case everywhere in the marketing arena, such as e-commerce, search or social media.  Brands have to build meaningful experience for their consumers that give them a unique value if they want to capture and retain their attention in today’s market.  This is where content comes in.  Content is the most effective way of achieving these experiences.

There are brands that are mastering the art of content creation and distribution.  They create stories that can really impact the people who consume them, making their brands matter.  Even with companies like this getting caught up to where they should be in terms of content, there seems to be a might big gap in the quality of e-commerce content.

Content creators, if they want to be successful, need to understand that the path to purchase has changed.  No longer will brands  wait for the consumer to reach the next stage in the funnel.  The consumer now builds their own path,  especially with the digital platforms and tech available.  With these, they will impact how people discover, connect with and purchase their products online.

So how do you craft e-commerce content that will result in conversions?  Ultimately, you have to look to your consumers to provide insights and create relevant content.   writes a post on Marketing Land that shows what needs to have a strong content story in order to close the sale and move the product into the cart, and ultimately, into the hands of the customer.

Check out Benjamin’s post by following the link below.

Marketing Land: How “Listening” To User-Generated Content Leads To E-Commerce Sales