For as long as SEOs have been working with Google, they’ve thought about the best ways to optimize for user intent.

Each search represents a need by a human to find something out.  We all know what kind of answers we need.  The query/keyword is our best guess toward surfacing that information.  The moment we hit that search button, we expect to be impressed by the search engine.  We need our answers.

But to Google, it understands that its their burden to basically read our minds.  If they aren’t able to do that, or impress us in general, they’ll end up loosing market share, as well as ad revenue.

There are some searchers who search broadly, and others who inter long natural-language questions or fragmented but detailed queries.  Either way you do it, the arrangements of keywords run the gamut.  Part of understanding your searcher is understanding the style of query they most commonly use.

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