How Google Won The PR Battle Over SEO, And Why That’s A Good Thing

Google Ever since SEO was a thing, there was always a battle that raged between shady SEO agencies and search engines, such as Google, in a battle of wills.  But now, it seems that Google has triumphed over these agencies.

Not only has Google claimed victory in this battle, the victory has been so sound that they managed to rebuild the entire industry in their own image.  Google has even been able to take those who once fought against them, and turned them into allies.  Now, the SEO practices that we see are working to fight spam, rather than producing it, and creating content for Google to deliver o those who use the search engine.  The bonus to Google’s victory is that the end user benefits from better content in the end.

Because of this victory, some would argue that SEO is dead.  But anybody who has any real education in the ways of SEO knows that it can’t really ever die.  It just changes and evolves over time.  As long as people are trying to market their content online through search engines, SEO will always thrive and prosper.  Understanding how Google has taken the SEO landscape and shaped it is the first step to taking full advantage of search in promoting a brand.

In a Search Engine Land post, SEO professional, , explains how Google shaped the current SEO community for not only their benefit, but for everybody’s benefit as well. In his post, Nate also tells us what this means for brands, and how Google’s victory over shady SEO is a good thing.

Check out Nate’s post by following the link I’ve provide below to read more!

Search Engine Land: How Google Won The PR Battle Over SEO, And Why That’s A Good Thing