How Jamie Press Turned Autocomplete Ideas into Traffic & Ranking Results with Only 5 Hours of Effort

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Google autocompleteEver since the introduction of Google Autocomplete to the masses of Google users in 2004, the feature has been a point of interest.  In it, you can type in pretty much any incomplete statement or question, and Google will do what it can to fill in the rest with based on what others have searched for with the same word combinations.  As an example, you can type in “what happens if I”, and some of Google’s suggestions include:

  • What happens if Greece defaults
  • What happens if you eat weed
  • What happens if you eat mold
  • What happens if you drink bleach

As you can see, people Google some pretty interesting things.  It certainly begs the question, why would you want to eat mold or drink bleach to begin with?  You can find out how weird the internet really is, and it’s all thanks to Google.

In SEO terms though, we all know that Google Autocomplete has been pretty useful for identifying some excellent keyword opportunities.  But there’s more that you can do with Google Autocomplete than discover keywords.  It can also be a great tool for content ideation as well.  It may be a bit more effort, but it’s possible to use Autocomplete as a great source for content ideas, which could turn into great link-building for you and your website.

Jamie Press has created a case study where he did this for a client of his, and it worked out marvelously for them.  In Jamie’s case study report on Moz.com, you can use the same process for business in literally any industry and market you desire.  Check it out by following the link at the bottom to read up on Jamie’s case study.

Moz Blog/YouMoz: Case Study: How I Turned Autocomplete Ideas into Traffic & Ranking Results with Only 5 Hours of Effort

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