How Might Google Rank Apps & App-Only Content?

Google logo color wide When it comes to how Google handles ranking apps in 2016, Google’s App Indexing will be something that will be very important for SEOs to pay attention to.   had the chance to talk to Rajan Patel, Google’s director of mobile search, about the key differentiators between how Google ranks web content versus app content.

Because of how Google ranks app-only content apps in the mobile search results, there are some differences, and it’s important that we understand how ranking differs.

The idea is that Google might be depending a lot on their App Indexing API and the signals that they are getting from that API.

There are a number of things that are covered in the article written up about this topic on Search Engine Land, including:

  • App Indexing API replacing Google PageRank for ranking apps
  • Measuring time spent in specific sections of your app
  • Google’s app crawler
  • iOS vs Android Apps

Check out the article, written up by  by following the link below.

Search Engine Land: How Google May Rank Apps & App-Only Content