How Much Has Link Building Changed in Recent Years?

Link building When it comes to change, some could say it’s all relative.  Take a look at time, as an example.  Wasn’t it Einstein said that time is relative?  After giving it some thought, I came to the conclusion that based on each person’s experience in their own lives, and in the moment, yes, time was relative.  Let’s say that you and I are in a long car ride, and we’re listening to a podcast while driving.  To one of us, the trip will seem less of a problem because we are enthralled with listening to the podcast, while the other person is bored out of their mind because the podcast itself is boring to them.  So one of us will feel that time is going by faster because of our perspective, while the other person feels like the car trip is dragging on forever.

I believe it’s the same thing when it comes to the changes to link building in recent years.  To some people, their perspective on the changes in link building can be totally different compared to another person’s idea of of the subject.  To Paddy Moogan, the question, “how much has link building changed in recent years?” has been asked quite a number of times.

Although I think of it as a matter of perspective, it seems that the answer that Paddy has received has been more often than not the same.  The answer he’s gotten over the course of the last few years was “not that much.”  In a way, this answer is a little surprising, considering how much the everything online can change in the blink of an eye, let alone several years.  Generally, this could simply be a matter of perspective, but there certainly could be evidence to back up the claims.

In a post that Paddy wrote for the Moz Blog, he shares some of the insights that was shared with him during a number of conversations and threads he created in both email and Facebook.  In the post, Paddy talks about his position on the subject, as well as what has actually changed in the field of link building.


Moz Blog: How Much Has Link Building Changed in Recent Years?