How Search Engines Process Links

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Useful-linksSearch engines are a wondrous place.  They give us all the information we could ever dream of.  Just put in what ever query you want, and search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others will hand you pages of search results that have link after link of sites related to your query.

But, has there been times when you’be been curious to know more about how search engines process their links?  Have you wondered why 404s, rel=canonicals, noindex, nofollow and robots.txt work they way the do?  Maybe you didn’t really know quite clear on how they all work?  Well you’re in luck!

Jenny Halasz has a post written up on Search Engine Land that is there to help you understand!  In her post, Jenny gives us a basic interpretation of how search engines crawl pages and adds links to the link graphs.  Check out the link below and become enlightened!

Search Engine Land: How Search Engines Process Links

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