online-engagementAs time moves on, things will change and evolve, including everything digital.  As our needs and wants online as users and customers change and evolve, so will their experiences online change.  This includes online advertising.  As online advertising continues to grow and change over time, traditional ad-buying metrics are being mixed and blended with other types of measurements to address newer advertiser concerns.  The most obvious concern is engagement and viewability, and now, publishers have begun to adapt their businesses to accommodate it.

There are a number of media companies that are taking advantage of this new change.  A couple of examples of this trend include:

With the work that these two businesses have put in, they have met with some early success.  The biggest requirements are some upfront work and some investment to make things work.

In the examples given, we’re looking at some pretty high profile businesses.  They have the man-power, as well as the resources, to make things happen.  But what about the smaller businesses?  There is little written about what they can do to level the playing field.   is here to help if you are one of the small business owners that would like to take advantage of the engagement metric.

Because small publishers have limited resources, it’s difficult to find a way to best monetize this type of traffic without alienating their most loyal or returning readers who are more engaged with the site.

In his article, which is posted on Search Engine Land, Keith offers us some steps that can help independent publishers benefit from the growing trends of engagement and view ability.  If you’re an independent publisher, why don’t you check out his post by following the link provided below.

Search Engine Land: Engagement Vs. Monetization: How Small Media Companies Can Walk The Fine Line