As more people around the world continue to create both professional, and personal profiles on social networking sites, it’s hard to overlook the importance of social media marketing to your digital presence. In fact, in a Hubspot study, 84% of marketers said that as few as six hours of effort per week was enough to boost their traffic.

Of course, like most marketing initiatives, when it comes to getting the best ROI on your social media marketing, you’ll often find that the more you put in, the more you’ll get out. The trouble is that social media is constantly evolving, and many marketing and business professionals have countless other tasks to worry about on a daily basis, making it hard to keep on top of the social media wave. If you want to get ahead in your current marketplace and discover the true benefits of social media marketing, then you might need to start with an investment in the right productivity tools.

The Benefits of Social Media in 2018

For the modern business, social media can offer a host of unique benefits. With the right channel and a great marketing campaign, you can generate countless opportunities for new conversions and customer connections. In fact, 71% of customers say that they’d be more likely to recommend a brand to a friend after they’d built a relationship with that company on social media.

Every customer interaction you have on social media is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your commitment to customer service and enrich online experiences for your customers. Now that customer experience has emerged as the ultimate differentiator for any brand, this extra level of attention to detail really can’t be overlooked.

As well as giving brands a chance to interact with their customers on a deeper level, social media also gives you the chance to gain valuable insights into what your customers are interested in, and which avenues they take on their buying journey. This makes it easier for you to tailor your marketing strategies to suit your target audience. Of course, it takes more than just a profile on the right social media channel to uncover the benefits of social marketing. You’ll need dedication, a strategy, and of course, the right tools.

Finding the Best Social Media Marketing Tools

With the help of the right social media marketing tools, your company can develop stronger relationships with customers, and accomplish incredible results. The trouble is, there are so many
different tools out there, that it can be difficult to figure out which ones you really need to empower your team and enhance your campaigns.

An effective social media marketing tool could automate your posts so that you can spend more time creating content, and less time hitting the "publish" button. It could also track your performance on different channels so that you can determine which of your campaigns are the most effective. But how do you find the right tool for you? In this infographic on the 20 hottest social media marketing tools for 2018, you’ll find some of the most effective tools on the market today.

These resources have proven themselves as the ultimate accessory for productivity and efficiency in the social media marketing world – helping numerous companies to achieve their customer acquisition and revenue goals. By the time you’ve finished reading this infographic, you’re sure to know which tools you need to transform your social media strategy.


Written by David Coen