How To Audit Your Site’s Backlink Profile

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To get started, what is a backlink profile? Basically, it’s a collection of websites that links back to you. Over time, you can get more domains that links to your website, making your backlink profile larger and larger as time goes on. Every time you get a new link that points back to your site, you can think of it as a vote for your site, and that will help build up authority and trust in Google, aiding in SEO performance.

In the SEO industry, there have been a wide variety of opinions about whether or not disavowing links is really necessary. There are folks who believe that Google doesn’t count toxic links, yet there are others who feel disavowing toxic is an important factor in maintaining the health of your site.

In an article written by Marcela De Vivo for Search Engine Land explores the process you can take to audit your backlink profile and keep an updated disavow on file with Google Search Console.

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