Facebook.HashtagFacebook, just like Google, seems to change their algorithms all the time.  One day, as you’re working on a marketing campaign, a particular scheme or technique could be working for you just fine, but then, a few months later, it would completely bomb.  Now you have to think of some different way of getting the word out to those potential customers.

As an example, back in the day, when you would post something on Facebook, you’d get get a good number of likes, comments and shares.  This was a great time if you were trying to promote a business or company post.  But in this day and age, the number of shares likes and comments seem to be dwindling.  If you’re experiencing this issue, you aren’t the only one.  There are hundreds of thousands dealing with low organic reach on their Facebook Pages.  What gives Facebook?

But if you do your research, you’ll find that, despite this downing of shares and likes through Facebook, there are those who are still finding great success with their engagement.   But how are these people doing it, when you can’t?  One way is to focus on creating great content that just draws the people in.  Most of the time though, we are left with no choice but to spend money on Facebook advertising.

But did you know that there could be a way to achieve a high engagement level on Facebook without the fear of spending money?  Marcus Ho has an excellent way to make this happen.  Just focus on groups and communities that are love what you are trying to market.  Facebook Groups bring those people with similar passions together, letting you gain a great advantage in the world of engagement and connection.  Groups give you more in-depth discussion, while providing a great environment for relationship building.

Check out Marcus’ post on Search Engine Journal by following the link I provided for you folks below!

Search Engine Journal: How to Boost #Facebook Engagement Using Groups