Viral-Content-Blue-People-With-ArrowsWe have all seen the written content and the videos that seems to circulate around the internet like wildfire.  This is called going viral.  According to Google, the definition of “Viral Content” is:

“Content that spreads very fast on the Internet, just like a flu virus would in real life. The content itself can be an article, a picture, or a video, but it must be very funny, controversial or information so that people feel an urge to blog about it, to tell their friends about it and so on.”

The problem with viral content is not the sharing of the content, it’s creating it.  By not having the right idea when creating content that will spread quickly among users on the internet, you will fail.  It won’t matter how much time, work, money and effort you put into the project if the idea just isn’t there.

So, the question is, how do you create that perfect content that will catch that spark and get the everybody’s attention?   wrote an article stating the importance of having the right idea for a viral hit so you can get it put into a final form.

To read Kelsey’s article about the ideation process for creating viral hits, check it out here at the link below: