We always here the following statements when you’re immersed in the world of SEO content writing:

  • How do I find good writers?
  • The writers I do have are inconsistent
  • How will I know if a writer ‘gets’ SEO?

There seems to be a gap between the data-focused SEO pros and the creative copywriters they usually end up hiring.  Basically, it’s hard to find that sweet spot where a writer understands SEO and knows how to write in a way that will sell.

The important part is knowing you have both pieces of the puzzle.  But yet, SEO agencies and consultants usually struggle to:

  1. Find ‘good’ writers and
  2. Train them how to write SEO-friendly content.

It seems that the secret to getting web page copy down is the magic of a well-organized, descriptive and mission-focused style guide or Standard Operating Procedure.

The full post gives “10 Essentials” for creating an effective style guide, as well as an example template that can be used for your own business.

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