tech contentThere’s a lot of different types of content out there.  There’s a ton of it.  Pick your favorite subject or industry, and you can easily find pages and pages of search results for that subject.  Just pick your favorite link and read on!  It’ll be fun reading that article or watching that video on your favorite subject, you just know it.

For many industries, such as the movie industry , it’s easy creating content that will be viewed by a number of visitors.  Movies are fun and enjoyable.  But for other industries out there, they won’t be so lucky to be fun and exciting.  For every fun and exciting industry out there, there’s one that’s pretty much the opposite.  It’s boring and not fun at all to check out.

Creating content for those fun industries can have it’s difficult times.  But can you imagine creating content for a boring industry?  If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re into SEO or marketing, and you know how challenging it can get thinking of creating content and getting people here to read it.

In a Moz article, written by Ronell Smith, he knows how that can be.  He writes in his article about a man called Mike Jackson, who heads up sales for a large Denver-based company that debuted a new high-end products for the fishing industry in 2009.  Imagine how difficult it would be writing content for these types of products.  Fishing isn’t the first thing most people would be thinking of as fun.  Unless of course, you really love fishing.

So what was his marketing plan?  You’ll have to find out by reading Ronell’s post.  This story was just the introduction of Ronell’s Moz article that tells us how you can go about creating content and getting it out there for people to check out, even if the industry you’re in is pretty boring to most people.  Check out Ronell’s post by following the link I’ve provided below!  Maybe you’ll be able to take something away from it!

Moz Blog: How to Create Boring-Industry Content that Gets Shared