“There should be a moment of evaluation that you have as a business to say, ‘What role can I have in this? What need can I address?’ and your content strategy can match that,” said Meghan Keaney Anderson, VP of marketing at HubSpot, on the content marketing during COVID session of Live with Search Engine Land.

Due to the coronavirus, there has been a number of changes that businesses have had to contend with. There has been a number of temporary closes, moves to go online, or totally shut down. There are areas where businesses are gearing to open up with safety precautions that are forcing them to change with the pandemic going on. There are organizations that can generate content that addresses what audiences are going through. Every one of these shifts is an opportunity to provide value to consumers while strengthening their brands.

“The opportunity identified is using search data to understand that there is an increased demand, via search, for certain types of products and solutions,” said Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Marketing. New Search data should be utilized in a way that informs you of your marketing strategies all year. This tactic takes on something more important during this time in which annual trends and historic data have been disrupted by different search patterns.

Fresh search data should be used to inform your marketing strategies year-round, but this tactic takes on more importance during times of upheaval, in which annual trends and historic data have been disrupted by new search patterns.

One particular part of content marketing that will always remain as a general mainstay – creativity. “If you’re thinking about something new to create, this is an opportunity in your brainstorming for ideas, not just [regarding the pandemic] . . . but how it’s impacting day-to-day lives,” said Amanda Milligan, marketing director at Fractl. This is meant to encourage content creators to take a look at and assess the emotions that audiences are feeling. “Any kind of pain point you can alleviate at this point is much appreciated,” she added.

SourceGeorge Nguyen