How To Get Featured Snippets For Your Site

   When you do a search on Google for something, there will be certain times when will get what is called Featured Snippets in the search results.  Basically, you’ll get “answers,” or snippets taken directly from specific websites that are based on your search query.

There are a number of people who are debating the merits of getting a featured snippet On Google’s search results, which can also be known as a “rich answer” or “direct answer.”  Those who don’t think highly of snippets suggest that Google is providing the answer taken directly from a person’s website, thus lowering traffic to the corresponding site.

While these concerns are understandable, could there actually be more to it than that?  Eric Enge from Search Engine Land he is here to address this very concern by getting some live case study showing actual traffic results.  There are people who are also wondering how they can get the website content featured as a featured snippet in Google.

Eric, in his post, will describe the process for doing just that. Check out the post by following the link I have provided for you below.

Search Engine Land: How To Get Featured Snippets For Your Site