When you think of social media, it seems that the networks that we tend to think of first is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and yes, sometimes even Google+.  After those, the other networks we think about include the likes of Pinterest.  Sure, Pinterest isn’t the biggest thing for online marketing, at least when compared to Facebook and Twitter.  But should we be ignoring the picture pinning social network?  Not by a long shot.  Did you know that Pinterest is one of the highest converting social sites on the internet?  Yup.  In actuality, it ranks pretty high for e-commerce related products.

On that note, you might actually want to rethink any bias you could have had against the social network.  Once you’ve worked through that bias, you may want to know how to get started on Pinterest.  Luckily, this is why why have folks like Neil Patel to help out.

To help get us on our pinning feet, Neil has created an infographic that will break down how to get your first 1,000 followers on Pinterest.  After that, it’s all up to you!

To check out Neil’s infographic, follow the link to his post on Search Engine Journal and start your marketing journey with Pinterest!

Search Engine Journal: How to Get Your First 1,000 Followers on Pinterest