How to Hack the Amplification Process – Whiteboard Friday

Rand fishkin During the Turing Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland last month, Rand Fishkin made a surprise appearance at Full Stack Marketing (virtually, of course.) where he presented a very special Whiteboard Friday to the audience.  The host of the festival, Stipso, decided to share this edition of Whiteboard Friday with everybody in the SSEO community.

When t comes to content, amplifying it can be pretty hard.  Having people find your content through organic means is awesome, whether it was through luck or a little bit of hard work to have your content appear on top of the fold of page 1 of the search results.  But getting people to find your content isn’t that easy.  In this edition of Whiteboard Friday, Rand takes us through an in-depth view at how marketers should be finding the right audience for their content.  Basically, Rand shows us how to amplify the process.