By the time you get to the end of your sales presentation, you should have no doubts as to how good a fit your prospect is for your offering. You should know exactly how it’ll benefit them and what they stand to lose if they don’t move forward with you. But even if you think buying your product or service is the obvious path forward, it might not be obvious to your prospect. The truth is, change is scary, and you’re asking your prospect to change. It’s only natural that some prospects will be hesitant to commit, even if they understand that buying from you is the best way to achieve their goals and overcome their challenges. When that happens, you need to help them find the motivation to commit.

One technique for getting commitment is the 1 to 10 closing technique. When the questions in the 1 to 10 closing technique are asked in the right order, you can encourage the prospect to share why they want to buy and then weigh whether those benefits are worth the risk or downside of their concerns. This technique supports them through this decision by helping them talk through and summarize the benefits and risks for themselves. As they weigh the pros and cons, many prospects will overcome any lingering hesitancy and find the courage to move forward.

In this video, Hubspot will cover a few different scenarios and how you should handle them if they happen.