helpwantedWe know that when it comes to hiring people to join your team of employees, it can be a long, expensive process.  There are times when you wish that there was a way to get through the process with as little pain as possible, so you can get the people you need to work for you, but without the issues that comes along with it.

 knows all about the hiring process, or as he calls it, inbound recruiting.  Being the COO a the company called Distilled, he knows that they are pretty picky about who they pick up as employees.  This is because they want to be sure that the new guy will fit in and work well with the others.

But, did you know that finding potential employees is a lot like fining potential customers?  Rob has written all about some of the tactics that Distilled uses to hire potential team members.  These tactics are very similar to what others may use to get their hands on customers.  The inbound techniques that is required to find both employees and customers are similar and equally relevant.

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